Gaia – O novo “ex-libris” do investimento imobiliário

A dinâmica de investimento público, que se está a verificar na Cidade de Gaia, numa acentuada interligação com a Cidade do Porto, nomeadamente a nova linha de metro “rubi”, e a nova ponte sobre o Rio Douro, vão seguramente encurtar distâncias, aproximar pessoas, e beneficiar amplamente o litoral de Gaia. Ora, esta dinâmica de investimento […]

City of 15 minutes – Future or Conspiracy!!

Much has been said about the city of 15 minutes, a concept by award-winning scientist Carlos Moreno, but which actually gained some strength and notoriety with the mayor of Paris – Anne Hidalgo. And again, during Mipim 2023, which took place last week in Cannes, we heard the reinforcement of this concept, in some of […]

When nature and sophistication get together!

Porto is still far from real estate transactions, in the order of €61,000/m2, as in our neighbor Spain. But although the Douro River is born in the lands of “our brothers”, in our city we are privileged to bathe our margins where it meets the sea. And it is on the banks of our Douro, […]

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