How quick 7 years went through!!!

Today is my “blog” day, and i did had decided to publish some considerations concerning Real Estate Portuguese Market, and expectations for 2023. After all we are begining a new year and every one is having doubts concerning it’s evaluation. However, and the net has these “good things”, i received a memorie photo of my first contract of selling. Yes, today, at – 19.01, it makes exactly seven years, of my first business conclusing on Real Estate. And i do want to share this we you all. It isn’t only the proud sensation that i did have at that time, after all, the openning of the office took place at 17.12.2015, and at 19.01.2016, one month latter, we where finishing a selling contract of a commercial space at Avenida da Boavista – Porto. It was the first step, of an activity for which I had immense expectations, and which I “embraced”, like everything else in life, with an open mind and heart. And starting a new activity from scratch, with half a century already lived, is indeed a challenge. If the process was easy, no!! But after all, that’s life, fantastic days, less good days, terrible days, but above all, being moved by passion for what we do, makes the whole path already a victory. And how quickly these seven years have passed. I learned so much from everyone I got to know, from everyone who passed through my team, from all the clients, from all the partners… and how grateful I am for the friends I made!! On this 7th anniversary of the first effective success, the only thing I can say is thank you!! Thank you to all of you who accompany me, who are on that side. It’s for you that every day I get up to do more and better. And I assure you “the show has just started”, and 2023 will be a fantastic year.  Welcome!! I’m so proud of being able to serve you!!