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Adorigo, Viseu, Portugal


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The Casa de Tabuaço, also known as Casa de Adorigo, is located in the district of Viseu, in the municipality of Tabuaço, in the parish of Adorigo. The house is situated on a secondary road, a dirt municipal road (parallel to M-512) that connects the Adorigo parish to Quinta de S. Luís, near the E.N. 222 road (Régua/Pinhão – a beautiful road along the Douro River).

The Casa de Tabuaço is included in the Exclusive Zone of UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, being part of the First Demarcated Zone of Wine in the World – Port Wine (established by Marquês de Pombal in 1775 during the reign of D. José). The house is isolated, approximately 400 meters from the nearest neighbor, on a quiet municipal road. There are two available accesses, with three exits to paved roads.

The house has piped water supply (from the municipality) and all appliances are electric, including an electric water heater. It is a small-sized house with surrounding land of about 1,000 square meters (plus a 2,600 square meter plot of land in front of the house), which is easy to clean and maintain. The house is impeccably insulated both thermally and externally, making it ideal for weekends and short stays. It is a rarity in the Douro region, where large wine estates (quintas) are more common. The house enjoys a privileged location with extensive views of the Douro River in the direction of Pinhão. The land in front of the house (2,600 square meters) serves as a visual and neighbor protection, as well as a space to park two cars or accommodate a small swimming pool with a wooden deck (no water or electricity connection available yet).


The house has a three-phase electrical installation, with two pre-installed external outlets (the interior pre-installation is already set up in the electrical panels), only requiring connection to the electrical panels.
The roof has a thermal insulation with three layers.
Thermal profiles on windows and doors with double glazing, designed to match the color of the slate walls. The exterior doors are reinforced steel.
All interior woodwork is made of JOTOBÁ.
The interior walls adjacent to the ground (as the house was rebuilt in 2011 on a slope) have double brick walls (painted white) to protect against moisture.
There are three water outlets outside the house.
Electric water heater, electric stove, electric oven, extractor hood, air conditioning in the living room and bedroom, cast iron stove (salamander) in the living room, functioning internet connection, storage space under the stairs (built-in refrigerator and miscellaneous storage), large storage cabinet next to the sofa bed on the upper floor.
Tilt-and-turn window in the bathroom and mosquito screens on the bedroom and bathroom windows, allowing for proper ventilation without insects entering the house.
Outside, there is a designated area with a table and four chairs, offering a view of the Douro River. It is a perfect spot for having meals, relaxing, and enjoying the views.


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