City of 15 minutes – Future or Conspiracy!!

Much has been said about the city of 15 minutes, a concept by award-winning scientist Carlos Moreno, but which actually gained some strength and notoriety with the mayor of Paris – Anne Hidalgo. And again, during Mipim 2023, which took place last week in Cannes, we heard the reinforcement of this concept, in some of the lectures we had the opportunity to attend, boosted by the presence and representations of some European cities, and very clearly manifested by the Chamber of Lisbon, by the councilor, Joana Almeida. It is true that the concept raised and generated some controversy in Oxford – England, and we are convinced, due to its poor communication, which led to conspiracy theories of population limitation, it is certain that it could be a way to favor healthier dynamics on neighborhoods. Basically, it means redesigning cities, so that everything necessary for everyday life: local commerce, schools, health infrastructure, green spaces, leisure and cultural spaces, are connected by comfortable and safe access, a 15-minute walk or a 15-minute walk away by bicycle. Attracting investment, for a City of Neighborhoods, seems to be the clear commitment of the Lisbon Chamber. We did not have the opportunity to meet with “Greater Porto”, the joint representation of Gaia, Porto and Matosinhos at Mipim, concerning the lines of thought and potentially coincident with this concept, but in a post-pandemic future and which is intended to be more sustainable, it will be worth it, a reflection on the topic.