When nature and sophistication get together!

Porto is still far from real estate transactions, in the order of €61,000/m2, as in our neighbor Spain. But although the Douro River is born in the lands of “our brothers”, in our city we are privileged to bathe our margins where it meets the sea. And it is on the banks of our Douro, that a project is emerging, which will bring enormous value to a parish – Bonfim, which we were always convinced that the future and growth of our city would pass through. As its promoter says: “on the bank of the river, AURIOS is born, a unique undertaking that combines nature and sophistication, distinction and discretion, refinement and relaxation”. This development has now started to be sold, with 22 houses and 26 apartments, “that embodies the charm of the ancient and fascinating Quinta da China, an emblematic place where space is expressed as a metaphor of time, making it visible, penetrating the plot of history, like the Douro itself, in a complex movement.” And did you Know, that Porto is the city of camellias, and  among the most famous and ancient examples in the city are those from  the place where this new concept of living is going to take place. Our city is getting better, and a great place to live. We are proud of what the city is achiving on rebuild and new projects.

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