Real Estate Investments – Crowdfunding

It remains true that investing in real estate is the best guarantee that money does not devalue. The rise in inflation and the low profitability of financial products have shown that investing in real estate will continue to be one of the best bets,  with greater security and profitability.  Despite the geopolitical and macroeconomic context, 2022 was a dynamic year (and one of records) for the real estate market. And for the new year that has just started, the prospects are optimistic – although uncertainty is also on the table. The rehabilitation and continuity of foreign investment are two of the trends that will mark the market in 2023. Real estate rehabilitation has essential motivation that is the financial issue, since, as a rule, it is more affordable to acquire a property to rehabilitate. This type of business is also interesting for investors, who can buy these properties and put them on the market later.  Even if this is not perceived, the Portuguese are still at the forefront of real estate investment, which is why today we are also talking to you about CROWDFUNDING. If you wish to become a investor, take a look at a Portuguese platform – “querido investi numa casa”, which can be an excellent opportunity, for everyone in general, to make small investments in real estate projects. This new form of collaborative financing has introduced efficient and credible financing solutions to the market , both for property developers and investors.
The investment can start at a minimum of 50 euros up to the total amount of investment operations.
We really advice you, to make small test, and pay attenttion on what is coming on!!